Are your designs manually digitized?

Absolutely! Each of our designs undergoes manual digitization with great care using state-of-the-art software. We ensure precision, minimize unnecessary jump stitches, and configure settings for a flawless stitch-out.

Are your designs test stitched?

Certainly! Every design at Designs has been rigorously tested by our in-house dedicated testers and stitched repeatedly until it meets our satisfaction. In the rare event of any issues, likely related to stabilizing, materials, or machine tension, feel free to contact us at info@digitizingembroidery.shop. Our friendly support staff will assist you promptly.

Is there a limit to my downloads?

No, there isn't! We offer unlimited downloads, and your downloads never expire (as long as you access them through https://digitizingembroidery.shop). However, please remember to download your designs upon purchase. While we offer unlimited downloads as a courtesy, we are not a cloud storage service. It's the customer's responsibility to store and organize their purchased designs. We sell machine embroidery designs, not storage.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Regrettably, no. Due to the electronic nature of our product and its ability to be reproduced, we do not provide refunds or exchanges. We are firm on this policy. Please carefully review your order or ask questions before making a purchase. It's the customer's responsibility to understand their hoop capabilities and sewing field.

Can I resize your designs?

You may resize our designs in your embroidery editing software, but we recommend not exceeding a 10-20% resize in either direction to maintain design integrity. We are unable to perform custom resizing. If you choose to resize, please be aware that it's at your own risk. We only guarantee the quality of the designs in the sizes we provide and test.

How will I receive my designs?

Your designs are available for instant download upon purchase in your account. Please ensure you are logged into your account to access and download your designs.

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